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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 5, 2009 8:45am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: rasta the troll

Ok, beheading an intentionally non related journalist in the name of god on one hand is murder and psychosis. Now multiply this by thousands (because it happened more than once).

Attacking a country, overthrowing a dictator, bringing democratic elections with the support of the UN and a significant percentage of the rest of the planet is called war.

See the difference? Please protest the german civilians in dresden or tokyo while you are at it. Our taxes have paid for bombs that hit specific targets now instead of carpet bombing. Do you think the assholes with the scimitars care about collateral damage. They blow each other up when we are not around, watch the news sometime. A female suicide bomber just killed a bunch of fellow muslims, that makes sense!

Can you honestly tell yourself that the united states armed forces deliberatly select innocent people at random, decapitates them after hours of torture (not funny pictures or feigned dog attacks where maybe one person died and the responsible parties were punished). Do you see the difference? Do you see alqueada or hamas uppers arresting the lower animals for unhuman acts and televising press releases?

Comparing us to them is not only the biggst insult to all of us, but it's also a bigger insult to yourself than I could ever be coaxed into ranting on here.

If you hate this country so much and really think the murderers are freedom fighters, then why don't you go pay them a visit and see how well they treat you. It would be much better than being under the spying eye and repressing fist of uncle sam who does not even allow you to speak freely in forums...

Think about it. Stop taking the acid, really, it fucks up the brain. You think conservatives are dangerous but imagine someone like you in charge? That would be fucking scarry as all hell, then a revolution and all that uptopian paradise shit would start sounding like a viable alternative.

I really hope you are kidding because mental illness is not something to dismiss lightly. I had a bad bout of paranoia as a teenager from an extended bad trip and I know how powerful those thoughts can be. If it was not for that one small voice telling me the people on TV were not reading my mind and that demons in my peripheral that disapeared when I turned to look were hallucinations, I might not have come back and may have very well ended up at an anti-war rally or scientology convention myself.

So to sum it all up:

To be against right wing american fundamentalism (which creates annoying televangalist shows today and was a blight on our history in the PAST) but at the same time be sympathetic in ANY way to people who are taught in schools that jews are pigs and dogs and america is satan and allow criminals to attack innocent civilians in the name of some stupid holy war is called "mental illness".

Whoever filled your mind with these conspiracies was exploiting your potential for delusion and paranoia. I am not joking about this, look at the manson family, the guy's music is fucking god awful but some culty fuckwads think he is a genius. I can ramble on about snakes and slot machines and the wheels of human sewage turning in a graveyard of coco puffs all day long to sexually abused runaways and start up a cult myself, but do I? No.

The point is, or was, that these thoughts, however creative and entertaining are symptomatic of a chemical imbalance or organic defect of the neocortex. To be a revolutionary or anarchist for the sake of bucking the system without any true or real purpose and without actual sane basis in fact and logic serves no purpose but to alienate oneself from normal functional society and immerse oneself deeper into the tangled web of psychosis, paranoia and dispair.

Just becaue the trend is to currently second guess and ignore the realities of the dangers of religious fundamentalism, dictatorships and failed utopian socialist doctrines to make a protest point against a government you do not like (which will be startling similar to the one you cheered on recently) the facts remain that strict religion, mixed with poverty, ignorance and propaganda creates an entire group of people with nothing to lose and a jealousy and hatred that cannot be extinguished without a bullet.

Seperation of church and state is probably something you support, as do I, so how can you for one second give any credibility to a culture that places the church as the head of state? It's not the disdain of a religious book they use to swear in a government offical or a controversial statue or flage we are talking about here. We are talking about an entire section of humanity that beleives they are under direct orders from god to eliminate and decension or alternate views in oppostion to their own. There is no seperation of church and state in Iran, the church is the state. Saudi arabia does not allow bibles on their soil, is that ok with you? What if we were the Christian Republic of America and rounded up all the homosexuals and hung them? What if we confiscated every koran and torra at airports, closed all the bars, veiled all the women and taught that canadians were satan and should be tortured and slaughtered, enslaved and oppressed to second class citizens? Would you expect someone from another country to sympathize with you as you marched down the street burning a picture of them and swearting to murder every last one of them? Think about it, eventually you'll get it.

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Poster: spacedface Date: Jan 6, 2009 2:06pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: rasta the troll

>>>To be against right wing american fundamentalism (which creates annoying televangalist shows today and was a blight on our history in the PAST) but at the same time be sympathetic in ANY way to people who are taught in schools that jews are pigs and dogs and america is satan and allow criminals to attack innocent civilians in the name of some stupid holy war is called "mental illness". >>>

Your premises themselves are delusional. With you it's all or nothing as if the massive superculture of Islamic countries or even a sliver of it called Palestinian was monolithic.

Try to follow the golden rule and believe others want to -- and maybe your heart will open.

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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 6, 2009 2:13pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Little kids and responsible adults

It's delusional to call someone on a contradiction in their position? To state that for someone to be against one form of religious extremism politically but for some reason error on the side of caution regarding sympathy for another form of religious extremism is, if not blatant and intentional hypocrisy, symptomatic of a flaw in the thinking process? Please advise and clarify, cause it ain't making sense to me. I am not saying people's synapse's aren't firing in the right order but they are definitely being biased because one actor in conflict is associated with their view of their own country as antagonist empirical big brother versus poor struggling resistors.

If by following the golden rule, you are referring to the ethic of reciprocity, then being biased towards form of religious extremism is a direct vioaltion, preventing equal justice to both sides in proportion. No?

I actually used to sympathize with the palestinians whose cheering of 9/11 you might downplay in place of the jewish jihadi cheerleaders you referred to previously- until they did just that. I don't think that modern man should be involved in direct attacks on random civilians in any national or tribal conflicts, that's just not cool. So yeah israel should not intentionally attack women and children and have not seen any evidence they deliberately have done so, have you?

There is ample evidence to support the fact that hamas, a religous paramilitary cult, takes much less precaution in the prevention of collateral damage and civilian casualties. Here is a picture of them caring about their own children's safety:


Look kids!


How about getting the kids off the streets before you go soldiering, who the hell would do this?